Female Eye Anatomy PBR

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The most realistic Female Eye Anatomy modeled in ZBrush and was extracted from Our HD Female Complete Human 3D Anatomy Model. Has very decent typology and UV unwrapped with different poly-groups. Includes:






Levator palpebrae superioris

Inferior/Superior Tarsel

Ciliary Body

Common Teninous ring

Inferior/Superior/Medial/Lateral Ractus Muscles

Superior Oblique

Sure you asking whats in the RAR?

File Formats:

ZPR | OBJ | DAE | FBX | STL(Decimated Models)

Currently Native File(With Subdivions) Is Available In ZPR – file format.

Texture Maps:

Displacement Maps(DM) | Normal Map(NM) | Color Maps(TM) | Cavity Maps(CV)

Ambient Occlusion Maps | Glossiness Maps | Specular Maps *All Maps are between 8k, 4k & 2k | .jpeg

Any questions about the Female Eye Anatomy please don't hesitate to get back to us


I want this!

Female Eye Anatomy PBR

0 ratings
I want this!