Female Anatomy Figure

SA Anatomy
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-Superficial muscle system

Great anatomy reference whether used as a base mesh or basic 3D printing. Hand sculpted in Zbrush

2021 showing superficial muscles, bones & removable arms and head.

Sure you asking whats in this RAR?

ZBP (With subdivision levels) , OBJ, ABC, FBX, BLEND & MA

*Format’s are exported from ZBrush & Blender

Head (With UV’s)


Body (With UV’s) + Posed

Body_Decimated + Posed

Arms (With UV’s)


Eyes (With UV’s)


Stand (With UV’s)

Female Ecorshe Base + Posed

(Note that meshes are watertight with basic articulation but haven’t been tested for 3D printing yet. When opening the scene file please

locate the displacement maps and reload textures.)


Don’t hesitate to ask if have any questions


I want this!

Female Anatomy Figure

0 ratings
I want this!