Female Internal Organs PBR

SA Anatomy
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Carefully hand sculpted in ZBrushCore 2021 paying close attention to detail. This Female internal organs 3d model was extracted from our HD Female Complete Anatomy Model. Great to be used as reference, base mesh or basic 3D printing. Has very decent typology and UVs.

Sure you asking whats in the RAR?

File Formats:

ZBP (Native file with subdivions), FBX (Low/Decimated), OBJ (Low/Decimated), DAE (Low/Decimated), STL (With decimated female internal organs)

Respiratory System | Digestive system | Reproductive system | Urinary System


Displacement Maps(DM) | Normal Map(NM) | Color Maps(TM) | Cavity Maps(CV)

Ambient Occlusion Maps | Glossiness Maps | Specular Maps *All Maps are between 8k, 4k & 2k | .jpeg


Any questions about the female internal organ 3d model don't hesitate to ask.


I want this!
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