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Male Cardiovascular System PBR

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Male Cardiovascular System

The most realistic Human Cardiovascular system modeled in ZBrush and was extracted from Our HD Male Complete Human 3D Anatomy Model.


The heart

Brachiocephalic trunk arteries & veins

Common carotid arteries

intercostal ateries & veins

abdominal aorta trunk

inferior vena cava trunk

Sure you asking whats in the RAR?

File Formats:

ZPR | OBJ | DAE | FBX | STL(Decimated Models)

Currently Native File(With Subdivions) Is Available In ZPR – file format.

Texture Maps:

Displacement Maps(DM) | Normal Map(NM) | Color Maps(TM) | Cavity Maps(CV)

Ambient Occlusion Maps | Glossiness Maps | Specular Maps *All Maps are between 8k, 4k & 2k | .jpeg

Any questions about the  Male Cardiovascular System please don't hesitate to get back to us


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Male Cardiovascular System PBR

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