Dog_Canine Anatomy Figure

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Dog_Canine Anatomy Figure

SA Anatomy
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Carefully hand Sculpted in Zbrush Core 2021 from real specimen pit-bull breed & dissection research. Showing superficial muscles

and on one side muscles like biceps femoris, brachiocephalicus, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi have been removed. This model

is perfect for using it as your own reference, as a base mesh or for 3D printing. A Canine-Dog Anatomy Ecorche-Pitbull very low res

model is included also to start your own sculpts. Clean typology

for edge loops, base mesh is in quads and has UVs.

Sure you asking yourself what is in this RAR:

*Zbrush file with 5 Subdivisons

*OBJ’s Hi-res and Low-res

*STL File Hi-res

*WRL File Hi-res

Canine Ecorshe – Pitbull + Posed

Canine – Pitbull_dynamesh

Canine – Pitbull_decimated + Posed

Eyes + Posed


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I want this!
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