Horse_Equine Anatomy Figure

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Horse-Equine Anatomy Ecorche

Carefully hand sculpted in Zbrush Core 2021 from anatomy books, cadaver & dissection research. Showing superficial muscles. This model

is perfect for using it as your own reference, as a base mesh or for 3D printing. A very low res

model is included also to start your own sculpts. average clean typology for edge loops, you might need to refine it a little for it to be compatible for animations. Base mesh is in quads and has UVs.

Sure you asking yourself what is in this RAR:

*Zbrush file with 5 Subdivisons

*BLEND file with 4 Subdivisons(Scene file)

*OBJ’s Hi-res and Low-res(with UVs)

*STL File Hi-res

*WRL File Hi-res





Please don’t hesitate to ask question


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